julho 2020
03/07/2020 13:30 - sexta-feira
The Global CFO Round e-Table
"How CFOs Handle the Economic and Financial Challenges in the COVID-19 Era"
IAFEI Technical Committee Initiative
Africa -
Jacques van Wyk
Director, JGL Forensic Services
South Africa
Asia -
Jose Jerome R. Pascual III
CFO, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
Europe -
Massimo Getto
CFO, Viasat Group
Piergiorgio Valente
Chairman, IAFEI Technical Committee
Founder & Managing Partner, Crowe Valente and Valente Associati GEB Partners
Opening Remarks:
Eduardo Francisco
Chairman, IAFEI
President, BDO Capital and Investment Corp.
Closing Remarks:
Ian Hayes
Chairman, Tax Technology Committee, CFE
Co-Chair, Digital Economy Working Group, Technical Committee, IAFEI
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